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Year 4 - Kestrels

Year 4 - Kestrels

In Kestrels, we think it is important to learn whilst having fun and discussing our thoughts. We strengthen our interpersonal and team-working skills by choosing our own learning partner. For two weeks, we sit next to our chosen learning partner, working together and helping each other progress. The regular transition of partners ensures that we all have a chance to bond with each other and it results in a strong ethos of team work throughout the class. It also means that we have lots of friends and care for everyone.

We have a lot to learn in Maths as we are starting to think deeper about the everyday uses of calculations. In English, we explore all mediums of work from fiction to non-fiction, storytelling to informative reports, all of which link closely to our topics. Topics in Kestrels include The Dark Ages, Magic, Ancient Egypt, Europe, World War Two and Battles. Through our topic learning, we engage in fun lessons and make colourful displays for our classroom and school corridors.

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