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Kimpton, Thruxton & Fyfield CofE Primary School

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Let your light shine - learning to care and to lead for today and tomorrow

Year 2 - Herons

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Welcome to Herons Class! In Herons, we are friendly to all and work very hard. We work as a team which helps us to develop certain life skill that are essential. We enjoy learning about Maths as we begin to learn new concepts that challenge our brains! We are very resilient and enjoy learning these new things. In Literacy, we always have engaging books that stimulate our writing and we explore many fascinating characters and dive into various mystical story settings. We enjoy leading many experiments in Science and evaluating theories that have been made. Our topics are engaging and all of the curriculum is based around them. Some of our topics include: The Safari, The Titanic, Romans and Wall of Fame.

Homework is set weekly in Herons and it consists of many exciting tasks that can be done individually and as a family. Spellings are also set weekly and these will always be the rule or subject that we have been learning in class for that week.

Herons is about working as one team, learning new and exciting things and exploring the world around us.

Click here for this term's curriculum overview.