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Kimpton, Thruxton & Fyfield CofE Primary School

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Snow Procedure

Once again we have to prepare for the possibility of snow disruption this winter.

Our key objective during the worst weather conditions is to open school on a site that is safe and adequately staffed. When we experience ice or snow our first priority is to assess whether we can make the site safe enough for adults and children.

Although we keep up-to-date with forecasts and weather warnings, some snow and ice conditions can be quite localised. What appears to be ‘slushy’ snow at school can be compacted very quickly on frozen ground when children are walking on it, or there may be severe snow around school but little where you live.

When there is a possibility that school may not be able to open we will assess the following criteria:

  • Can the site be made safe?
  • Will we have sufficient staff to meet appropriate adult:child ratios?
  • Can we provide meals at lunchtime?

When we are confident we have an adequate number of staff and accessibility to school is safe, we will open.


Here is a reminder of the school’s snow procedure.

  • Local radio stations will broadcast (and add to their website) a list of schools that are closed or partially closed. They will do this very quickly; this is the best way to check if whether or not we are open or closed. Listen to The Breeze or Spire FM for details.
  • Website: where possible, we will add messages to our websites updating everyone.
  • Hampshire County Council website will also be updated with the latest news across the area. Their website address is
  • Telephone and Text Message: When possible, a message will be left on the school phone, however, with limited lines available, radio stations and the school’s website should be the first place to check. Office staff will text all parents at the earliest opportunity.

Please DO NOT call school to check if we are closed; instead, use the methods outlined above. Phone lines are needed to check on staff’s availability.

We may decide to have a staggered opening with pupils being allowed to arrive at anytime up to 10.00am. This allows those from further afield to travel to school safely and spreads the flow of traffic in and around the school site. Information will be given as indicated above.

We will always try to make a decision as early as possible and would hope to inform you by 7:30am, at the very latest, if we have to close.

Please understand that closing a school is never a decision that is taken lightly; we will do everything we can to stay open.